Red Banana Tree Care


Red banana trees make lovely, tropical additions to a garden. The shorter varieties even liven up interior décor as potted plants. Red banana trees are versatile and easy to care for, and the many shades it passes through during ripening are fascinating to watch. The fruit from the red banana tree contains far more carotene than yellow bananas, making them extra good for you as well as extra delicious.


Although able to survive mild, short-term freezes, these trees require warm climates to be hardy. They do very well inside in any climate so long as they get the maximum amount of light and warmth. Greenhouses and sunrooms are the best indoor climate for the red banana tree, although they will do fine in a living room with proper attention.


It's hard to overwater a red banana tree. Like most fruits, the banana needs a lot of water to develop properly. Water the red banana tree until the soil is saturated, but before water pools. Banana trees love water but do not like standing in water. Put mulch around the base of your red banana tree in order to keep moisture near the roots.


Bananas produce high levels of potassium, and they love fertilizer high in potassium, too. Do not skimp on fertilizers during the year. It will pay off in bigger, better tasting and larger quantities of fruit in the end.


Outdoor red banana trees need shelter from strong wind. They blow over when young, and strong winds damage the delicate flowers of mature red banana trees.


Red banana trees take about a year to mature and bear fruit. They begin as a lovely flower that hang from branches like chandeliers and are very large. Each flower produces delicious nectar that you can drink right from the flower by unfolding the bud. Bees love it, too. Cut bananas from stalk about five weeks after you see growth stop. Sliced banana flowers also make great additions to fried or grilled dishes.

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