How to Prune Viburnum Mohican


Thy Mohican wayfaring viburnum (Viburnum lantana 'Mohican') is a compact deciduous shrub that matures to a height and width of 8 feet. It rarely needs pruning, and as American plantsman Michael Dirr wrote, "pruning viburnums should be an exercise in restraint." Occasionally an errant branch needs pruning, or the tips of branches may be reduced to re-shape this usually tidy plant.

Step 1

Examine the shrub, noting any dead, diseased or awkwardly growing branches that need pruning. Dead or diseased branches warrant immediate removal. Hold off pruning healthy branches until after the springtime flowering display.

Step 2

Shorten a branch by making a crisp, one-motion cut of the hand pruners 1/4-inch above a lower junction branch or leaf node. A node is a dormant bud on the branch, from which a new growing tip and leaves will form.

Step 3

Conduct light tip pruning of new growth or leaves across the growing season as needed, but refrain from trimming away branches after August. Viburnums begin developing their spring flower buds in autumn, so you don't want to blindly prune away next year's flowers.

Things You'll Need

  • Hand pruners (secateurs)


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