Tomato Plant Types

Tomatoes are a warm-season garden staple that grow in the summer months. A variety of tomatoes exists, each with its own taste, color and shape, to provide endless possibilities for tasty meals. With their super-sweet flavor, some liking it to candy, you won't be disappointed when growing tomatoes in your garden. Because tomatoes provide large harvests, these mouth-watering fruits are ideal for canning.

Yellow Pear

Yellow pear tomatoes are a type of cherry tomato that grows in 2-inch-long clusters. The fruits are pear-shaped with a semi-transparent yellow color. These cherry varieties are easy to grow and last through the end of the summer. They are also cool-weather-tolerant, creating a very adaptable tomato. The skin on the yellow pear cherry tomato is crack-resistant and extremely firm. These tomatoes require fertilizer every three to four weeks during the growing season. Once the soil has warmed, mulch the tomatoes with a 2-inch layer of organic material. Water regularly throughout the growing season.

Sweet 100

Sweet 100 tomatoes are a variety of cherry tomatoes that produce a high amount of fruit all summer long. Their fruit is crack-proof and grown on multi-branched clusters. Sweet 100 tomatoes are ½ inch wide and taste like candy. Their flavor is full and ideal for snacking right off the vine or tossed into salads. These tomatoes are bright red in color and last through the first frost, making these a long season variety. Fertilize Sweet 100 tomatoes once the soil has warmed. Water regularly, especially during hot days.


Beefmaster is an oversize tomato that has the shape of a beefsteak. Beefsteak tomatoes are known for their misshapen appearance because of their large size and amount of time to mature. Beefmaster tomatoes have firm and meaty fruit that can often times weigh over 2 lbs. per tomato. Beefmaster tomatoes have a moderate growth rate and are often used for tomato growing contests because of the their large size. Stake or trellis these large tomatoes and fertilize every three to four weeks. If grown in containers, water more often and frequently, sometimes twice a week during summer days.

Early Girl

Early Girl tomatoes are an early summer variety that reaches full size before most other tomatoes, hence the name. Early Girl tomatoes have medium-sized fruit that is extremely flavorful with a red color. They produce a plethora of fruit during the growing season and are a garden staple that can be used for canning, making sauces or sliced for sandwiches. This type of tomato requires a trellis or cage for support and are ideal nestled in containers. Fertilize Early Girl tomatoes once they begin producing fruit. If planted in containers, mulch with an organic material to help retain moisture.

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