What Plants Are Only Native to Oregon?

Among the native plant species in the northwest state of Oregon are those plants that grow only to this northwestern state.The state's temperate climate experiences drastic temperature changes---very hot to very cold; wet to dry---and its native plants weather these extremes. The protection of Oregon's native plants is seen in the state's efforts to provide education about endangered and threatened plant species.

Rough Popcornflower

Rough popcornflower (Plagiobothrys hirtus), native to the Sutherlin area of Oregon in Douglas County, is a flowering perennial or annual, depending upon its growth conditions. A member of the Boraginaceae or borage family, rough popcornflower grows to 2 feet in height in moist, poorly-drained soils that are completely wet in the wintertime and dry by the summer. Its hairy stems are topped with clusters of small, white five-petaled blossoms that have yellow centers. Its flowers bloom from mid to late summer, and it produces seeds in June that take root and continue to grow underground as rosettes until spring, as stated by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Rough popcornflower is listed as an endangered plant species, due to habitat loss from farming.

Northern Wormwood

A member of the Asteraceae or daisy family that grows in the Columbia River area of Oregon, northern wormwood (Artemisia campestris ssp. borealis var. wormskioldii) is threatened by water supply alterations of its natural habitat, according to the Oregon Department of Agriculture Plant Division. Northern wormwood---a perennial or biennial plant species that grows less than 12 inches tall---produces several inflorescences of yellow flower clusters that are in full bloom in mid-spring. Its natural habitat exposes the plant to moist sand or soil and full sun.

Umpqua Mariposa Lily

A flowering perennial member of the Liliaceae or lily family native only to Oregon, Umpqua mariposa lily (Calochortus umpquaensis) grows up to 12 inches tall and produces a single inflorescence with one to several three-petaled white and purple flowers. Umpqua mariposa lilies are endemic to the Umpqua River drainage area in southwestern Oregon. These lilies grow in a special type of soil--serpentine soil--hat has a high concentration of metals that would otherwise be inhospitable for other plant species. Umpqua mariposa lily is listed as an endangered species.

Peck's Milkvetch

A threatened perennial member of the Fabaceae or pea family, Peck's milkvetch (Astragalus peckii) is native to the Klamath and Deschutes counties in Oregon. It grows to less than 1 foot tall in moist to moderately dry, rich and sandy soils in woodlands and pine forest areas. Peck's milkvetch thrives in full sun to partial shade. Considered a deep taproot plant, Peck's milkvetch produces small cream-colored flowers that bloom from late spring through midsummer.

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