Tree Trimming Tools

Trimming trees requires select tools to perform this difficult landscaping task. Caring for the trees on your property requires knowledge about how and when to prune as well as a fully stocked arsenal of tools---including hand-operated as well as motor-driven. The first step to successful tree trimming requires high-quality sharp tools to limit damage to the tree during cutting. Tree trimming shapes a tree, removes diseased limbs or thins branches to allow more light to penetrate for increased interior fullness.

Chain Saw

Gas-operated chain saws serve a great purpose in felling a large tree or removing large branches. This tool features a gas-powered engine that operates a rotating linked blade. Use of a chain saw as a tree-trimming tool should be limited to individuals experienced with the use of this dangerous tool.

Pole Pruner

Pole pruners offer tree trimmers the option of reaching high branches without leaving the ground. A pole pruner features a long handle with a sickle-shaped blade on the end. A second saw blade attaches to the larger blade on a hinge. When the user pulls a long cord, the two blades snap together like a crab's claw. Pole pruners can be quite dangerous since tree trimmers usually stand beneath branches for leverage and risk being hit with falling limbs.

Folding Pruner

Folding pruners offer a slightly different option to the standard pruning saw. This pruner opens on a hinge to display a long, wide-toothed saw blade. Some models allow users to attach the saw to an extension pole to reach higher branches.

Pruning Saw

Pruning saws have a handle with wide teeth and are designed to cut through thick branches on the pull motion. These saws differ from standard carpenter saws by the spacing of the blade teeth.

Lopping Shears

Lopping shears work perfectly for small branch cutting and close-in tree trimming work. This tool features long handles that open a curved blade that close when the user forces the handles together. Loppers work well to cut branches between 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter.

Pruning Shears

Most gardeners use pruning shears to clip back perennial flowers and deadhead spent blooms. Pruning shears feature a comfortable handle with a smaller curved blade. This tool works like scissors to clip branches smaller than 1/2 inch around. Gardeners typically use pruning shears to thin shrubs and smaller trees.

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