How to Use a Weed Trimmer


Weed trimmers allow the gardener to stand erect while trimming weeds, instead of getting down on hands and knees. A weed trimmer is a motorized gardening tool whose cutting blade is a whirling piece of fishing line that decapitates weeds by simply moving over the offending plant. The gardening tool comes in several models and is available in gas and electric. When using a weed trimmer, wear heavy pants, a long-sleeved shirt, boots, safety goggles and ear protectors.

Step 1

Position the shift handle in the "down" position to use the trimmer and the "up" position to use the blower. Grasp the shift latch, squeeze until it is unlocked and move into the up or down position, without forcing, until it locks into place.

Step 2

Start the weed trimmer according to the instructions for your model.

Step 3

Hold the shaft grip with the right hand (if you're right-handed) and slightly bend the arm. Keep the left arm fairly straight and use your left hand to hold the handle, which is located along the middle of the shaft. The top part of the shaft, the end opposite the trimmer, should be even with your waist.

Step 4

Position the trimmer parallel to the ground. There is a blower on one side of the trimmer; point the blower away from the operator.

Step 5

Press the throttle trigger and move the trimmer over grass or weeds to cut, keeping your hands in the same position as specified in the previous steps.

Step 6

Release the trigger and allow the engine to idle and cool down before pressing the "off" button.

Tips and Warnings

  • Don't remove the guard or your put hands near the trimmer when in use.
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