How to Make a Beautiful Flower Bouquet


Regardless of the occasion, making a beautiful flower bouquet provides you with a creative outlet as well as a heartfelt and attractive gift. Flower bouquets are comprised of limitless varieties of fresh-cut flowers, and can be given in condolences, as a congratulatory gesture or to propose your love for another person. Making your own bouquet makes the gift more meaningful, and gives the chance to experiment with as many different looks as you want.

Step 1

Layer two or three squares of thin, colored tissue paper in front of you.

Step 2

Place a variety of your choice of flowers diagonally across the tissue paper squares. Excellent flower choices include day lilies, carnations, black-eyed Susans and vibrantly colored orchids.

Step 3

Wrap the flowers by starting at one lower corner of the tissue paper and rolling it inward with the flowers to create a sort of cone-shaped wrap.

Step 4

Tape the wrap in place with a single strip of transparent adhesive tape.

Step 5

Tie a bow around the wrap with a colored ribbon, or several colored ribbons for a more flamboyant appearance.

Step 6

Twist a pipe cleaner into a spiral shape, and spray it heavily with spray-on adhesive.

Step 7

Roll the sticky pipe cleaner in loose, colored glitter to make it sparkle. Insert the pipe cleaner (or several) into the bouquet to give it a touch of glitz.

Things You'll Need

  • Fresh flowers (a variety of your choice, with long stems)
  • Colored tissue paper (12" by 12" squares)
  • Loose glitter (assorted colors)
  • Spray adhesive
  • Pipe cleaners (assorted colors)
  • Vase (optional)
  • Transparent adhesive tape


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