The Best Cherry Tomato Plants for Home Gardens

Just because they're small doesn't mean cherry tomatoes don't pack a lot of sweet flavor. In fact, most cherries are so sweet that they taste like candy and can be picked right off the vine. There are dozens of varieties of cherry tomatoes to grow in your home garden. Many cherry tomatoes are crack-resistant and produce high yields of flavorful fruit all summer long. If you have small home garden, don't worry, cherry tomatoes grow well in containers that can be nestled on a porch or balcony.

Sun Sugar

Sun sugar cherry tomatoes bear a long cluster of orange fruit. The medium-size fruits are crack-resistant and have a full-bodied, rich and fruity flavor that's ideal for adding to salads or using for a tomato sauce. Sun sugar cherry tomatoes grow to less than 1 inch wide and produce a plethora of tomatoes, perfect for the home garden. These hardy growers grow between 6 to 7 feet tall and are ideal staked within containers. Fertilize the sun sugars after they have reached golf-ball size and again in three to six weeks. To maintain the sun sugar for a full harvest season, mulch with organic material once the soil has warmed. As with all tomatoes, sun sugars need regular watering. If the tomatoes are in containers, daily watering might be necessary.

Sweet 100

Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes are a vigorous growing variety that produces a high amount of crack-proof fruit. The multi-branched clusters on the sweet 100 are large and bright green. This little tomato grows to about ½ inch wide and is extremely sweet. Sweet 100 tomatoes have a full tomato flavor and bright red color, and produces an abundant amount of cherry tomatoes until frost. Snack on these tiny fruits right of the vine. Fertilize these tomatoes when they get about 2 inches in diameter and again in three to six weeks. Mulch these bite-sized cherries with organic material once the soil has warmed. Water regularly and thoroughly, especially during overly warm days.

Yellow Pear

Also known as the Beam's yellow pear, yellow pear cherry tomatoes grow in clusters that are less than 2 inches long and have a pear-shaped fruit with a transparent, yellow color. The skin is firm and crack-resistant, making this tomato an ideal cherry to grow in a home garden. These miniature tomatoes are extremely sweet and produce a continuous harvest. Yellow pear tomatoes can be nestled within a container or staked to a tomato wire. They also make tasty salsa and, added whole to salads, create a bright burst of unexpected color. Yellow pear tomaotes will need fertilizer when they reach golf-ball size and about every three weeks of the growing season. Yellow pear tomatoes are tolerant of cool weather and last through the summer, making these very easy to grow. Mulch with organic material once the soil has warmed. Water regularly and thoroughly.

Sun Gold

Sun gold is a versatile cherry tomato that grows in warm and cold conditions. The golden orange color contrasts with the bright green stems for a colorful contrast to the home garden. Sun golds have a very sweet flavor and mature very fast to produce a large harvest throughout the summer, making these little gems a home garden favorite. Sun golds will respond well to fertilizer when they reach 1 to 2 inches in diameter and again in three to six weeks. Keep the plants well waterered, especially during the warmer part of the growing season. These tomatoes are easy to grow and very adaptable.

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