How to Water Snap Pea Seeds


Whether your growing bush varieties in rows or pole varieties in a circle, snap pea seeds need enough water to get them started or you may experience low rates of germination. However, since your pea seeds are just a few inches below the soil, using lots of water doesn't always equal success. To water snap pea seeds, you'll need to remember that these young, unsprouted plants don't yet have roots, so you must bring the water to them with consistency and frequency.

Step 1

Plant your seeds according to the spacing guidelines on your seed packet. As you work, ensure your seeds are planted only 2 inches deep in a row or in a circle around a pole as seeds set too deep in the soil will have a hard time surviving.

Step 2

Use the sprinkler head or shower wand to lightly pass over the soil where your seeds are planted to dampen the area. Deep watering should be avoided as you only want to make the top few inches of soil in the circle or row moist, and not muddy.

Step 3

Continue to pass over the seeds as needed in the mornings, sometimes daily, with a light shower of water as you did in Step 2. If you aren't sure you are moistening enough, insert your finger up to an inch deep to check that the soil is moist inside.

Step 4

Watch for seeds to germinate after the first week and make sure you continue to moisten the soil regularly until most of your seeds are up.

Step 5

Water more deeply, using approximately twice as much water as before, once the majority of seedlings have emerged from the soil. Back off to watering only every two or three days when the soil feels dry an inch beneath the surface. That will encourage the roots to grow downward to find water.

Step 6

Water the maturing plants that are producing flowers and pods with heavy amounts of water less frequently, once or twice a week. To do so, fill the soil of the rows or circles with water until it forms a pool. After the pool soaks into the soil, fill it again two more times.

Things You'll Need

  • Prepared garden
  • Snap pea seeds
  • Watering can with sprinkler head or water hose with shower wand


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