Fountain Landscaping Ideas

Situate a trickling fountain among the outdoor landscape to provide a relaxing and serene oasis. Water fountains are ideal features to use in a garden because they are made in many sizes and shapes to fit small or large spaces. Large fountains are ideal as a center focal point to a backyard space like a courtyard. Fountains can also be used within an existing garden as an added bit of interest to the space.

Courtyard Fountain

Fountains installed within a courtyard are an ideal way to create a focal point to the space. Fountains situated within the center of the landscape provide a commanding presence while attracting birds and other wildlife. A traditional tiered fountain is a classic courtyard design where the water cascades down each level to collect into a basin below. A column style fountain is a modern way to bring trickling water into a courtyard. These tall, narrow fountains look like they're emerging from the land for a striking design. Typically columnar style fountains are made from solid rock that deepens in color as the water cascades down the fountain.

Container Fountain

Container water fountains are ideal to use in smaller spaces of the landscape. They are made in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit any size space. Container fountains are often glazed in bright colors and designs to nestle within a flower garden or along a front walk for a burst of vibrancy to the landscape. Ceramic glazed fountains that are terracotta in color create a classic design to seamlessly blend in with other flower containers. Around the base of a container fountain, lay soft pebbles to catch the water in small puddles below. Tuck a container fountain along a private patio for a relaxing and serene backyard oasis. To complete the zen-like space, add pots of lush plants such as hostas or a giant elephant's ear to evoke the feeling of being in the tropics.

Wall Fountain

Install a wall fountain to create a commanding presence to the space. Wall fountains are ideal to create a cascading effect. Walled fountains with built-in spouts are a classic design. They shoot the water out of the spout and into a collecting basin below that can be used to float water plants; water lilies and hyacinths have brightly colored blooms which float along the surface of the water. Larger water plants like cattails shoot out of the water with their bright green foliage. Around the base of the wall fountain, plant water loving plants like ferns. These lush plants create a jungle feel to the landscape and benefit from the moisture of the trickling fountain.

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