How to Space Potted Caladium


Do not kill your caladium by improperly spacing them in pots. Matching pots to your caladium tuber size will ensure the success of your plants. Pair several caladium varieties with the same water and light requirements for larger pots. The brightly colored leaves of the caladium require only partial sunlight, but be sure to regularly water your potted plants to prevent the caladium from drying out. When you plant and care for your potted caladium correctly, you can bring it in during the winter cold to enjoy for another year of growth.

Step 1

Measure the diameter of your caladium tubers.

Step 2

Multiply the size of the tuber by 2 to determine the size of the pot per plant to use. For instance, a tuber measuring 3 inches in diameter would require a 6-inch pot.

Step 3

Plant the tuber 1 1/2 to 2 inches below the surface of the soil in the pot.

Step 4

Place multiple tubers in each pot by spacing them at least 7 to 10 inches apart.

Things You'll Need

  • Caldium tubers
  • Ruler
  • Pot filled with potting soil


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