How to Decorate Your Dining Room With a Lot of Palm Trees


Decorating your dining room with palm tree plants can turn a plain, utilitarian room into a lush retreat you can relax and entertain in. Although you must consider natural lighting and room size, you can transform almost any room by adding palm tree plants. Maintain your investment by providing plenty of indirect light and humidity to keep your plants thriving.


Step 1

De-clutter your dining room. If you want to decorate with palm trees, you need plenty of floor space. Get rid of non-essential furniture and clutter.

Step 2

Assess your dining room furniture style. Dark mission-style furniture or more rustic, bamboo furniture looks nice with the lush greens of the palm plants.

Step 3

Select a round table for your dining room table to create more corner space to put plants and add to the organic feel of the room.

Step 4

Dress windows in sheer light-colored curtains to maximize natural light for the plants.

Step 5

Select a plant stand for smaller palm plants to match the color and style of your dining room set.

Step 6

Display a variety of palm trees in various sizes. Many different types of palm plants look good when grouped together.

Step 7

Collect appropriate-size decorative containers for the plants as well as potting soil and drip trays. Get plant stands with wheels for heavy floor standing palm trees.

Put It Together

Step 1

Place a small table or stool in one corner of the room near the window. Place a tall palm plant on the table so that it reaches the top of the curtain rod in height. Use a howea forsteriana or an elephant ear palm.

Step 2

Place two smaller palms on the floor under the stool or table to cover the "lift" in the back. Choose a chamaedorea radicalis whose fuller leaves will hide the container of the palm behind it.

Step 3

In the other corner of the room place a floor standing rhapis humilis palm plant whose cluster of branches and leaves will add volume and richness to the corner.

Step 4

Place a medium-size ponytail palm plant on a bureau or sideboard to carry the tropical theme throughout the room.

Step 5

Place a small grouping of cycas palm plants in the middle of the dining table to complete the space.

Tips and Warnings

  • Check with your vet, doctor and online sources about poisonous palm tree plants to insure your pets and children are safe.

Things You'll Need

  • Dark dining furniture
  • Round table
  • Plant stand
  • Small table or stool
  • Plant containers
  • Potting soil
  • Drip trays
  • Howea forsteriana
  • Chamaedorea radicalis
  • Rhapis humilis
  • Ponytail palm
  • Cycas palm


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  • Plant Care: Plant Care for Houseplants

Who Can Help

  • Jungle Music: Palms As House Plants by Phil Bergman
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