Spanish Moss Ideas

Spanish moss is a plant commonly seen growing in large clumps over big trees. The draping effect creates a magical touch to the landscape. Spanish moss can be used in a variety of other ways: for green accents around floral arrangements and various arts and crafts projects. Its ability to cascade over any surface and provide insulation makes this striking material extremely versatile.

All-purpose Wreath

Spanish moss is a natural material that looks striking tucked into an all-season wreath. Twig wreaths add a natural and rich element to the home. Within the wreath, you can insert berries or fresh flowers from the garden. Spanish moss looks lovely no matter how you use it, and can be stretched over twigs or nestled into small clumps within the wreath.

Halloween Accents

Spanish moss is a natural way to create a spider web effect on Halloween. You can hang the Spanish moss from your front yard trees, bushes and flower containers for the spidery effect. Another Halloween accent idea is to use a clump of moss as hair for a jack-o-lantern. Simply tuck clumps of the moss over the lantern and top off with a witches or pirate hat to keep the hair in place.

Floral Arrangement

Spanish moss is an ideal way to cover up floral foam in a floral arrangement--while adding a bit of greenery to the base. The moss also makes a nice contrast in bright floral bouquets and can help the arrangements retain moisture.

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