Easy Nutrients for Hydroponics

Hydroponic nutrient solution is the way plants get their proper nutrition without the need for soil. Using the correct kinds and amounts of nutrients will keep your plants healthy. However, using too little, or too much, can cause discoloring or death of your plants. Getting the hydroponic solution just right is essential for your garden's optimal health.

Hydroponic solutions

Hydroponic solutions are sold in a concentrate form that can be found at online retailers and at specialized garden centers. Concentration of the nutrient solution for water is generally around 150 to 600 parts per million. Most plants, including fruits and vegetables require around the 300 to 400 range.

Growth and Bloom mixes

Nutrient solution is sold in varieties that are mixed for different stages of the growing period. Growth and grow solutions are formulated for the period when the plant is still growing--before it has begun late-stage fruit, vegetable or flower development. Bloom or flower is the nutrient solution used during the later stages of the plants growth, when it begins to produce vegetation or flowers.

Weak and Regular mixes

Use a weak nutrient solution when the plant is in poor growing conditions. Low light, high heat or low heat can all affect the plants growth. A weak nutrient solution keeps the plant from growing too quickly for the conditions. Weak solution is ideal for transplants and cloned plants as well. Use a regular solution for plants that are in ideal growing conditions. Switch between the two solutions gradually to prevent burning the roots with the nutrients.

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