How to Save Seeds From Geraniums


A simple to grow plant, whether outdoors or in a container, the geranium provides brilliant color and its characteristic attractive leaves. Many gardeners either buy seeds or potted seedlings every year. Avoid the extra expense by saving seeds from geraniums. Collected and stored properly, geranium seeds can be viable for three to four years.

Step 1

Watch your flowering geraniums for signs of the flowers drying and the petals starting to drop. Once the seed heads appear dry, they are ready to be collected.

Step 2

Hold your bag open under the seed heads of your strongest plants as you use the pruners to cut the stem of the geranium. Let the dried seed head fall down into the paper bag.

Step 3

Take your collected seed heads inside and place the bag in a warm and dry area. Leave the seed heads in the bag for two weeks to finish drying.

Step 4

Shake the bag every few days to loosen the dried seeds inside the seed heads.

Step 5

Pour the contents of the bag into a large bowl. Sort through what's in the bowl and pull out the empty seed heads and discard them.

Step 6

Spread the loose seeds out in a single layer on a paper plate and allow them to dry for an additional week before storing in an envelope or jar in a cool, dark place.

Things You'll Need

  • Flowering geraniums
  • Paper bag, lunch size
  • Pruners
  • Large bowl
  • Paper plate
  • Envelope or jar


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