How to Build Bean Trellis


A trellis provides a functional and decorative garden structure, supporting heavy vines and lifting them off the ground while enhancing the appearance of the yard. Pole green beans are prolific climbers and can reach a height of up to 8 feet, thus requiring staking or trellising to prevent them from growing along the ground and taking up unnecessary gardening space. A teepee trellis protects beans from slugs and snails and serves as an attractive garden addition.

Step 1

Select a sunny spot in your backyard or garden with well-drained soil. Mark a 3- to 4-foot diameter circle in the soil with a stick or hoe for one teepee trellis. Also mark six to eight evenly spaced points along the circle.

Step 2

Cut bamboo poles, wooden sticks or aluminum poles so you have six or eight 8-foot lengths.

Step 3

Slide one end of a pole at an angle over the mark on the circle so it goes 6 inches deep into the ground. The angle ensures the poles meet at the top to form a teepee. Slide a pole over each mark until all of them are covered.

Step 4

Tamp the soil around the base of each pole so the teepee is held in the ground securely.

Step 5

Gather all the poles 4 to 5 inches from the top and tie them with wire or rope.

Step 6

Knot wire 2 feet from the top of one pole and extend it to the pole next to it. Pull it taut and wind it around the pole before extending it to the third pole. Repeat this weaving process until you wind it around all the six or eight poles. This wire provides the beans something to cling on to as the vine climbs. Weave lengths of wire 1 foot apart from one another, and continue the process all the way down the structure, stopping 5 inches above the ground.

Step 7

Make a 4-inch mound around each pole and plant 6 bean seeds in each mound. Cover with soil and water gently to keep the soil evenly moist. The seeds usually germinate in 10 days.

Things You'll Need

  • Stick or hoe
  • Six to eight 8-foot poles
  • Saw
  • Wire or rope


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