The Best Red Potatoes to Grow in Texas

Red potatoes are delicious boiled with butter, roasted in their skins, pan fried, or in potato salad. Potatoes are a cool season crop. In Texas, they should be planted in late January or early February for a Spring harvest and 12 weeks before the first predicted frost date for fall harvest. Harvest potatoes 90 to 120 days after planting, though new potatoes may be dug earlier, leaving the rest of the plant to develop more mature tubers.

Red La Soda

Red La Soda is a mid-season variety of potato that was developed in Louisiana in the late 1950s. Red La Soda is a thin-skinned potato with very white flesh. The tubers may be irregularly shaped and have deep eyes.


Viking potatoes are heavy producers. They are also a mid-season variety, maturing early and have a dark-red color. Viking potatoes keep well in storage.


This smooth-skinned red potato is an early-season variety. It has a low-moisture content, making it more suitable for baking than other red potatoes. Like Vikings, Norlands store well.

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