Flower Landscaping Ideas

Flowers bring back to life a dull landscape. They create colorful schemes throughout the garden that visually liven up a space. Flowers are grown as perennials, annuals and vines like creeping wisteria and hydrangea. They grow in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors and textures to provide endless possibilities for the garden. Each flower has its own growing requirements so it's also helpful to plant flowers with similar needs together to ensure a long-lasting and striking design.

Perennial Border

Create a colorful flower border along your landscape using perennial blooms. Perennial blooms have the ability to grow back each year full and taller and help to create a long-lasting design to the garden. Full and spreading perennial flowers like coneflowers and black-eyed Susans are ideal for the back of the bed to create a backdrop for shorter blooms. Along the front of the bed, grow candytuft a billowing white perennial that grows in clumps up to 18 inches tall. Candytuft is ideal for edging because of its creeping ability to fill in areas around the border with its delicate blooms. Around the perennial flower border, add a layer of mulch to help these hardy blooms retain water.

Vertical Flowers

Grow creeping flowering vines along a garden wall or outdoor pergola or arbor to create a lush backdrop to the garden. Creeping flower vines have the ability to attach their tendrils to the surface and naturally grow up toward the sun. Some creeping flowers like morning glories have twining stems and a rapid growth rate to cover the space in a short period of time. Morning glory blooms are striking and grow in a wide range of colors including pink, white, crimson, blue and yellow. Some are variegated, meaning they have more than one color swirled together to form a brilliant bloom. Other rapidly growing flowering vines like trumpet creepers and jasmine are fast growing and have a plethora of flowers that emerge in the summer. These bright flowers are perfect for a vertical garden.

Container Gardens

Container gardening is an ideal way to change up the landscape with colorful flowers but without having to spend a lot of time. Containers create colorful schemes in the landscape that can be easily moved around to liven up the space. They are like a miniature garden that spruces up the space to help create a peaceful space. Annual flowers are ideal in containers gardens because of their wide range of colors, textures and their hardiness. Annual flowers like weeping lantana, marigolds and cockscomb all have a moderate drought tolerance to create a low-maintenance garden but without sacrificing brilliant colors and textures. Container gardens can be nestled within an existing garden, along a front walkway or wherever the landscape could use a burst of color and beauty.

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