How to Fill Rot in an Apple Tree


Apple trees, like many other trees, are susceptible to black rot, a canker disease that occurs only when a tree has an open wound. The best way to take care of this problem is to cut out the affected area and fill it with a pruning paint. While pruning paint generally does not protect the tree from future problems, it does make it more aesthetically pleasing. When done correctly, a corrected black rot problem is almost undetectable.

Step 1

Locate the areas on the tree with black rot. The bark in the affected areas will be much darker than the rest of the bark.

Step 2

Slice open the suspected rotted areas with a sharp knife or the blade of pruning shears. If the flesh of the tree is brown rather than the normal white or green, it is a sure sign of black rot.

Step 3

Cut the black rot out of the tree with pruning shears or a sharp knife. Remove all the infected area to reveal white or green flesh.

Step 4

Cover the open wound with pruning paint according to the product's directions.

Step 5

Repeat for additional rotted areas.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears or knife
  • Pruning paint


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