How to Dry Onion Plants for Next Year


You decided to try your hand at growing onions this year and your green thumb pulled through with a bountiful harvest of onions. With such a successful crop you can only hope for a duplicate success next year. With a little care you can pull up the onion plants from this year's bounty and use them again next year. Saving these plants is easy and the rewards speak for themselves in the form of another great batch of onions next year.

Step 1

Dig up the plants from the garden. Discard any that have flowering tops and those that have broken tops as these will not store as well.

Step 2

Set the plants in a cool dry place to dry out. If the weather is hot, make sure that you set them in the shade. If it's moderately sunny and not too warm out, you can set them in the sunshine and they will be fine.

Step 3

Allow the onions to sit throughout the day until the sun starts to go down.

Step 4

Hold the plants together and tie the tops together with a string.

Step 5

Hang the bundle of onions in a cool dry place to dry and cure for two to three weeks with full air circulation.

Step 6

Cut the tops of the onion plants so that the bundle is only 1 to 2 inches long.

Step 7

Store the onions in some type of dry storage so that they do not touch each other. You can place them between two screens or tie knots in mesh bags to separate them for storage. As long as they are stored where in a cool dry location where they can be isolated they will keep until next year's season.


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