Benefit of Hyssop


Hyssop is a shrub that grows in the Mediterranean region. In ancient times, it was known as a sacred herb. Hyssop has anti-microbial and disinfectant properties and has often been used as a purifier. The plant's oils can be extracted for medicinal purposes. The oils contain, among others chemicals, camphene, sabinene, limonene and terpineol.

Astringent Uses

The hyssop plant is used as an astringent. The oils extracted from the hyssop (essential oil) contracts blood vessels, gums, the abdomen and intestines. It also keeps the muscles contracted, preventing wrinkles.

Anti-Spasmodic Uses

Hyssop essential oil's anti-spasmodic properties help relieve spasmodic coughs, cramping, intestinal cramping and muscle spasms. According to, hyssop is helpful in curing spasmodic cholera.

Antiseptic Uses

The oils of the hyssop plant are also useful as an antiseptic. When you get a cut, especially from something that contains iron, you worry about tetanus (unless you've recently had a tetanus shot). The hyssop oils' antiseptic properties help prevent wounds from getting infected and help prevent tetanus.

Digestive Uses

Hyssop oil stimulates the digestive system by encouraging the secretion of acids, enzymes and bile (gastric juices) into the stomach. When these juices enter the stomach, they help speed up the decomposition of carbohydrates and complex proteins.


In addition to its digestive properties, the hyssop's oils help with detoxification of the body. It helps remove any excess water and salt by making the body urinate more often. Not only is the frequency of urination increased, but the amount of urine is also increased. A diuretic helps keep the heart healthy and helps prevent gas formation.

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