Types of Flowers in Australia

Australia boasts numerous native plants that are found in no other country. Like native flowers everywhere, rainfall and temperature determine where the flower will survive. Wild flowers and shrubs can be grown successfully by gardeners because they have adapted to local conditions, including climate and insects. The addition of native plants into a cultivated garden gives the garden a backbone of low maintenance plants that will show life if conditions cause exotic plants to fail.

Desert Bottlebrush

Desert Bottlebrush (Callistemon pauciflorus) is found in the rocky gorges of Central Australia. Plant it in the garden in filtered light, in a moist location, and give it extra water. Desert bottlebrush is different from other bottlebrush in that it flowers for lengthy periods, several times a year, attracting birds and insects into the garden. It grows to about 4 m high.


A strong honey fragrance from the beautiful garden shrub, Boobialla (Myoporum montanum), comes from the tiny white flowers in the shape of a bell. The shiny bright leaves of the boobialla make it a nice addition to the garden even when it is not in bloom. The fruit start out green, and ripen to deep purple. Boobialla grows to a height of between 1 m and 2 m.

Variable Daisy

The variable daisy (Brachyscome ciliaris) grows throughout Australia, and is a perfect plant for the full sun. It only grows to about 20 to 40 cm high, and works well for borders, garden edges and rockeries. The petals of the flowers can be any shade between white and pink, and some even bloom in lilac color. They all have yellow centers. The hardy perennial, the variable daisy is particularly beautiful when planted in large numbers.

Silver-leaf Mint-bush

Silver-leaf mint-bush (Prostanthera sericea) is a medium sized shrub that should be planted in the sun and protected from frost until it is well established. Silver-leaf mint brush grows to a height of about 2 m. The thin grayish gray leaves can silver in color, especially against the shrub's large white blooms.

Holly-leaf Grevillea

The holly-leaf grevillea (Grevillea wickhamii) brightens winter and spring with bright red flowers in a cylindrical shape. The leaves are a dull green and holly-shaped. It thrives in Central Australian gardens, and grows naturally on hillsides and sand plains. Nectar eating birds depend on flowers of the holly-leaf grevillea as a valuable food source. It grows from 2 m to 5 m high

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