Types of Blue Caribbean Flowers

Blue Caribbean flowers are less common than other bright colors such as red, yellow or orange blossoms. The rich and vibrant blue colors strikingly stand out among the other colors in the region and simultaneously complement the surrounding environment. Flower lovers can find this color flower on trees, plants and grown from bulbs.

Lignum Vitae

Lignum vitae is the national flower for Jamaica. According to the Jamaican information website, Lignum vitae was founded by Christopher Columbus and means "woods of life." The small blue flower actually produces on a heavy wood tree. There are a variety of alternative medicinal uses for the flower. The wood is popular for police batons and boat parts.

Blue Lady

The blue lady is a favored blue Caribbean flower due to its light sweet fragrance. The cone-shaped flowers are a medium-blue color. An interesting feature of the blue lady is one individual plant produces around two dozen flowers. The blue lady uses self-pollination to propagate.

Blue Daze

The blue daze is a small, ornamental mound shrub that seldom reaches more than 12 inches in height. The evergreen displays blue funnel-shaped flowers with a white center. The blue daze is ideal for indoor hanging baskets or to use as ground cover in sunny, dry soil areas of the yard. The shrub produces a high flower yield. Each flower only blooms for one day.

Spring Beauty

Spring beauty is a member of the Scilla family. It is grown from a bulb. The small, deep-blue flowers have several petals and navy reproduction parts in the center. The bulb does well in tropical regions. According to Pacific Bulb Society, the spring beauty bulb reproduces quite rapidly and blooms in early spring.

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