How to Troubleshoot a Riding Lawn Mower


A riding lawn mower is the yard king's throne, whisking the king along the yard at great speeds with a minimum of effort. Although robust machines, riding lawn mowers are put through their paces on the hills and bumps of the common backyard. Riding lawnmowers are a bit more complex than their push brethren, although troubleshooting is not nearly as complex as fixing a problem with a car. Follow the basic troubleshooting instructions to get your mower running smoothly.

Step 1

Check that you have a full charge in your battery before assuming the transmission is not working.

Step 2

Make sure the mower engagement lever, if there is one, is disengaged. The mower will not start or move into gear if it is engaged.

Step 3

Engage the clutch so that the engine will crank. Depress the clutch foot pedal and lift up on the clutch button if one is present. A faulty clutch will not allow the engine to fire, meaning the transmission belts do not move.

Step 4

Check the transmission belts for cracking or wear. See if there is any debris keeping the belt form moving properly.

Step 5

Check that there are not any bolts missing from the transmission if there is excessive vibration when mowing.

Things You'll Need

  • Safety goggles
  • Work gloves


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