How to Preserve Flowers with Glycerin


Your garden produced the most beautiful flowers this year, and it's a shame to see them die off. You may want to preserve their brilliant colors and undeniable beauty to enjoy all the year through. Since smashing them in books isn't your best option--this tends to destroy any chances of displaying them--you are probably seeking a better alternative. Preserving flowers with glycerin is both practical and simple.

Step 1

Select flowers with long healthy stems. Pick away any dead blossoms and leaves and discard them.

Step 2

Mix one part water with two parts vegetable glycerin.

Step 3

Pour the mixture into a container, making sure that it is 2 inches deep.

Step 4

Hit the bottom ends of the stems with a hammer to smash them. This will help them to absorb the glycerin better.

Step 5

Place the flowers into the container so the stems are in the glycerin.

Step 6

Allow the flowers to sit in the glycerin for three to five days.

Step 7

Remove the flowers from the glycerin and cut off the damp part of the stems.

Step 8

Allow flowers to air dry for a week before storing them.

Things You'll Need

  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Vase or container
  • Hammer


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