How to Grow Asparagus Fern


Asparagus ferns are oddly named because the plants are neither ferns nor edible vegetable. The plant is a distant relative of asparagus, but is not genetically related to the fern. Asparagus ferns tolerate drought conditions and flourish in the hot climate of the southern United States.

Step 1

Find a flower pot that has at least one drainage hole on the bottom. If the pot does not have a drainage hole, use a drill and masonry bit to create a few holes on the bottom so that excess water can drain away.

Step 2

Fill a flower pot half to three-fourths full with quick-draining potting soil. Asparagus ferns do not like wet feet, so avoid using moisture-retaining potting soil.

Step 3

Create a small dip in the center of the potting soil with your hand. Place the root ball of the asparagus fern into the dip in the potting soil. Fill in the empty spaces with more potting soil. Fill the flower pot with soil up to 1 inch from the top of the upper edge of the flower pot.

Step 4

Water the plant thoroughly. Adding water immediately helps the newly-planted root system to work trapped air bubbles out of the soil.

Step 5

Place the plant in a very sunny area of the yard. Asparagus ferns need at least eight hours of direct sunlight for optimal growth.

Step 6

Fertilize the plant with a water-soluble all-purpose fertilizer during the asparagus fern's growing seasons of spring and summer. The plant goes into dormancy during fall and winter, and fertilizer should be avoided during these months.

Things You'll Need

  • Water soluble all-purpose fertilizer
  • Flower pot
  • Potting soil (quick-draining, not moisture-retaining)


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