Flowers That Love Both the Shade and the Heat

Flowers that love both shade and heat are a beautiful adornment to flower beds. Gardeners often choose these types of flowers because they do well indoors as houseplants or as landscaping under trees. Flowers that grow in shade and heat produce fewer blooms than those requiring full sun.

Vinca Minor

Common names for vinca minor are myrtle, creeping myrtle, vinca and periwinkle. Vinca minor evergreen plants grow well in partial sun to full-shaded areas. This plant thrives in heat and dry soil conditions. Use caution since it can turn into an invasive ground cover. Plant height can reach up to 6 inches. Summer flowers are white, blue-purple and reddish lavender.


According to Aggie Horticulture, impatiens is a popular plant because it grows well in the shade and is heat tolerant. Moist soil helps thriving impatiens to bloom at the beginning of spring until well into the fall months. Impatiens reach a plant height of 6 inches to 2 feet, depending on the variety selected.

Fuchsia Cascading

Fuchsia cascading plants are commonly known as angel earrings. The plant grows 8 inches to 1 foot in height. Small, delicate flowers dangle from the limbs. Gardeners can find fuchsia cascading plants blooming primarily in red. However, hybrid forms provide a variety of colors such as bi-color patterns, pinks and white. This plant thrives in the heat and shade. Fuchsia cascading plants require daily watering as a houseplant and moist soil in the flower garden.

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