How to Hang a Tropical Plant


Maintaining indoor or outdoor tropical plants not only includes caring for their nutritional, moisture and light needs, but it also comprises of arranging them attractively. Whether you are sprucing up your home environment or creating a well-decorated patio kick-back spot, hanging your tropical plants is a simple way to improve your surroundings.

Step 1

Press the self-tapping ceiling screw into the ceiling of the room of your choice. Make sure to screw the hook in tightly. If hanging a plant outside, you may use the ceiling of your patio area, or bypass this section and purchase a standing plant rack from which to hang your tropical plant.

Step 2

Prepare the hanging basket by pouring a pound of aquarium gravel into it. Place a four-inch layer of peat moss atop the gravel. The gravel and peat moss help the plant retain moisture and nutrients.

Step 3

Cut the bottom from the small plastic flower pot.

Step 4

Place the hollowed flower pot into the center of the gravel and moss in the hanging basket.

Step 5

Transplant your passion flower plant (or other tropical plant) into the small flower pot within the basket. Use additional peat moss if necessary. The soil in which the plant was in originally should also go into the pot.

Step 6

Grasp the hook at the top of the hanging plant basket, and slide it over the hook protruding from the ceiling. Water the plant lightly every day with approximately a half cup of water. The waterings will be frequent enough to keep the plant thriving, while being brief enough to prevent leakage.

Things You'll Need

  • Hangable plant basket
  • Tropical plant (such as a passion flower plant)
  • Peat moss
  • Aquarium gravel (small grain; one pound)
  • Mountable hook for ceilings (self-tapping)

Who Can Help

  • The Garden Helper: Care for House Plants
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