Indoor Flowering House Plants

Indoor flowering plants are perfect for office settings, apartments or small areas that have little or no outside gardening space. Most indoor plants are easy to maintain because they usually thrive in normal indoor temperatures. It is important, however, that they receive regular watering and sufficient light, either sunlight or artificial light.

African Violets

African violets grow to a height of about six inches. They thrive in normal house temperatures and can grow in sunlight or even artificial lighting. Africa Violets should be watered with tepid water, and avoid getting water on the foliage because it can cause spotting. African violets should be planted in soil that is high in humus.


Bromeliads are to care for indoor plants that are able to live within normal indoor temperatures. The plants come in a variety of colors and sizes, and may be very small, or grow as large as three feet high. The flowering period of a Bromeliad lasts between six and twelve weeks. The plant must be watered down the stem, not on the upper leaves, which will disturb the bloom.

Calla Lily

Calla Lily is a leafy plant that can grow up to 36 inches tall. It attracts some pests, such as Aphids, which invade the leaves and stems. Calla Lilies must be kept in well-lit areas, but avoid hot sunlight. They must be watered every couple of days and the soil must always be kept moist. Feed Calla Lilies when flowering with a balanced liquid fertilizer every two weeks. If not flowering, feed only every two to three months. The Calla Lily flowers are often used at weddings.

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