Garden Edging Tools

Edging defines and shapes specific gardening areas of the landscape. Maintaining clean edging prevents garden plants from invading lawns or other sections of landscaping. Garden edging tools help plant growers maintain the shape of their flowerbeds and other gardening projects. The tool required is based on whether the gardener is creating a new edge or maintaining an existing edge.

Landscape Bedshaper

The landscape bedshaper is an edging tool used to maintain or create a new garden edge. Several blade options enable gardeners to create different types of edging. For example, bed-opener blades on this tool are the widest blades and allow gardeners to create new edges on areas such as raised flower beds. Trenching blades dig small trenches as part of the garden edge for irrigation or other landscape purposes. Maintenance blades for the landscape bedshaper edging tools remove furrow from the edging and transfer it to the inside and top of the garden area.

String Trimmers

String trimmers vary in styles, power sources and price. According to Louisiana State University Agriculture Department, many gardeners add a string trimmer as one of the first and primary gardening tools. String trimmers cut and edge gardening sections with plastic string, instead of traditional blades. Gardeners often use string trimmers for edging in difficult-to-reach locations. Uniquely shaped garden edges do well with string trimmers.

Garden Hand Weeder

The garden hand weeder is a multifunctional edging tool. This tool is primarily designed to remove weeds from crevices and tight areas. It is ideal for small garden-edging projects. The garden hand weeder is an edging tool that enables gardeners to make small repairs to edging shape and keep edging free of weeds and debris.

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