Tips to Water Your Tomato Plant Roots

Novice and experienced gardeners alike enjoy growing tomatoes. According to the University of Illinois Extension, tomatoes, once called "love apples," were considered poisonous. Gardeners only grew this fruit as ornamental plants. The University of Missouri Extension recommends planting three to five tomato plants per family member to enjoy tomatoes as a fresh fruit.

Adding Nitrogen to Watering

Tomatoes need nitrogen for the highest fruit yield. Be careful not to add nitrogen too early since the plant will grow too much foliage and fruit production decreases. The University of Missouri Extension recommends adding nitrogen to tomato plants when fruit is approximately a third of its final mature size. Combine 3-1/2 pounds of calcium nitrate directly into the top 1 inch of the soil per 100-foot row. Water immediately to get the fertilizer deep in to your tomato plant roots.

Container Watering

Tomatoes grown in containers need more frequent watering than tomatoes grown outdoors. It is necessary to saturate the pot's soil with water to penetrate deeply into your tomato plant roots. Be careful to avoid allowing the roots to stand in water. A well-drained pot is important. Add a thin layer of mulch at the base of the tomato plant to avoid water evaporation.

Watering Time

The time of day you water tomato plants is important to make sure water reaches your tomato plant roots. Avoid watering in the middle of the day. Water evaporates and does not reach deeply into the soil to the roots. Add a 1-inch layer of fine, organic compost mixture at the base of the plants to reduce water evaporation problems.

Adequate Amounts of Water

According to University of Missouri Extension, tomato fruit is 95 percent water. Horticulturists recommend 2 to 4 quarts of water weekly for tomato plants. Container tomato plants and those grown in sunny or hot locations should have additional water. Dry rot, blossoms falling off of tomatoes, and cracking vines happen with irregular watering and too little water. Always try to water tomato plants at regular intervals and at the same time of day.

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