Care Instructions for a Mikado Plant


The Mikado plant is a type of chrysanthemum that grows in swampy conditions. The Mikado grows straight flower stems about 35 cm long on a straight sided, vase-shaped plant that grows about 15 cm tall. The small flowers at the top of the tall flower stems can last up to 10 weeks and, under good growing conditions, the plant will flower for most of the year.

Step 1

Keep your Mikado in bright, indirect light. Mikados do best near a south-facing or unshaded west-facing window.

Step 2

Use a humidifier to raise the humidity around the plant to around 70 percent. If you can't use a humidifier, mist your plant every morning with a spray bottle to raise the humidity around the plant.

Step 3

Water the plant by soaking it in a basin of water. The Mikado does better when watered from the bottom instead of from the top. Don't allow the soil to dry out.

Step 4

Keep the plant in a room with a temperature range of 19 to 22 degrees C. It can tolerate a few degrees warmer, but mist and water more often as the temperature goes up.

Things You'll Need

  • Mikado plants
  • Spray bottle
  • Humidifier in dry climates


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