Different Kinds of Shrubs Names

For those homeowners who want to put shrubs in the landscape there are different kinds of shrubs depending on what you'd like to see. There are foliage shrubs, berry-rich shrubs and flowering shrubs. There are many varying types of sizes, colors, styles and shapes of shrubbery so look closely at the cultivar before you buy.

Downy Jasmine

The downy jasmine or star jasmine, officially named Jasminum multiflorum, is from the olive family. It's a fast-growing evergreen that is easy to grow. It gets 5 to 10 feet high and 5 to 10 feet wide. Leaves are 2 inches long and star-like flowers are white with blooms year round. Plant a downy jasmine in any soil in full sun to partial shade. Propagate via cuttings or layering in USDA hardiness zones of 9 through 11.

Devil's Walking Stick

The devil's walking stick or prickly ash, officially called Aralia spinosa, is from the ginseng family. It is a drought-tolerant shrub that attracts birds. It gets 20 feet tall with fern-like leaves that are 3 to 6 feet long. Flowers are white and on clusters. Plant a devil's walking stick in rich loam soil in full sun or light shade. Propagate via seed, cuttings or suckers in USDA hardiness zones of 5 through 9.

Lemon Bottlebrush

The lemon bottlebrush or crimson bottlebrush, officially named Callistemon citrinus, is from the myrtle family. It is an evergreen shrub that attracts hummingbirds. It gets 6 to 12 feet high and 6 to 9 feet wide. Leaves are leathery and citrus smelling. Flowers are red and bloom in spring. Plant a lemon bottlebrush in well-drained soil in full sun. Propagate via cuttings or seed in USDA hardiness zones of 8b through 10.

Hinoki Cypress

The Hinoki cypress or Hinoki false cypress, officially called Chamaecyparis obtuse, is from the cypress family. It is an evergreen shrub with scale-like leaves. It can reach 120 feet tall, but averages 50 to 60 feet tall. Plant a Hinoki cypress in full sun in a humid location. Propagate via cuttings or grafting in USDA hardiness zones of 5 through 8.


The wintercreeper, or Euonymus fortunei, is from the bittersweet family. It is a vine-like shrub. It gets 2 feet tall and 50 feet in sprawl. Leaves are oval and 1 to 2 inches long. Flowers are tiny. Fruits are orange and showy. Plant a wintercreeper in full sun to deep shade with regular watering. Propagate via cuttings in USDA hardiness zones of 5 through 9.

Peegee Hydrangea

The peegee hydrangea or panicle hydrangea, officially called Hydrangea paniculata, is from the hydrangea family and is a fast-growing shrub. It gets 10 to 25 feet tall and 10 to 25 feet wide. Leaves are oval and 3 to 6 inches long. Flowers are on panicles 3 to 10 inches tall with the colors varying by pH of the soil. Plant a peegee hydrangea in full sun to partial shade with regular watering. Propagate via cuttings in USDA hardiness zones of 3 through 8.

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