Hanging Flower Care


Hanging baskets of flowers brighten any spot. They come in all sizes and shapes to fit any space. There are several things to consider when you create hanging baskets. Light, water and good soil are all important . There are many varieties of flowers that are perfect for hanging baskets in either sun or shade. You may be replanting your old baskets or designing new ones. Good watering habits will grow good flower baskets.

Buy New or Clean Old Baskets

You will find wire hanging baskets with mesh coconut shell liners in most garden centers. They come in sizes small to large. Coconut shell liners are thick enough to hold potting soil but not let water stream through. Clean your old hanging baskets with soapy water and buy new liners for them. The liners will last only one growing season before they look shoddy. Now you are ready to fill the baskets with soil and plants.

Use Good Potting Soil

Good quality potting soil is a must for good drainage and good blooms. Hanging plants use up a lot of nutrients in the soil so a fertilizing schedule will benefit growth. If you use homemade compost, water it down to a mild tea before you use it. Fill the lined baskets halfway with soil and press it down with your hands. Now you are ready to add the plants you chose.

Baskets in the Sun

Consider whether you want your hanging baskets in a shady area or a sunny area. Choose a variety of plants for each basket or all one type for a dramatic and colorful look. Petunias, ivy, geranium and miniature carnations all do well in sunny spots and give a rainbow of colorful flowers. Ivy trailing down the side of the basket gives a romantic look. The dainty miniature carnation flowers are good contrast to the petunia's larger blooms.

Baskets in the Shade

Impatiens bloom in colors from white to red and to all shades of pink. Their flowers are dainty and very profuse. A hanging basket created with impatiens will be strikingly beautiful all spring and summer. Impatiens are highly recommended. The coleus plant has brightly colored leaves and is also a popular shade plant for hanging baskets. Fuchsia and the rose-like begonia make a graceful display of flowers as their stems trail over the side of the basket.

Watering Tips

Flower baskets require careful, frequent, gentle watering. Baskets can dry out quickly if exposed to a lot of sun or wind. Stay on a frequent watering schedule and give each basket a good soak each time you water. Flowering baskets in shade area require less frequent water but check them regularly for dryness. Fuchsias and coleus wilt very easily when underwatered. There are several kinds of hose nozzles that create a gentle cascade of water for hanging baskets.

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