Sloped Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Sloped backyards can pose problems with growing grass, especially if your area gets a lot of rain. Rain runs down the slope, often forming miniature gullies on the slope. Once a ditch or gully starts, it only gets deeper with time, especially if the soil is sandy. Certain landscaping helps to keep the soil in place, and gives the homeowner a nicer view.


Landscape the slope with plants that prefer slopes. If the slope is rocky, choose plants such as periwinkle that do well on rocky slopes. The roots of the plants keep the soil from eroding. Mulch between the plants to keep moisture in the plants. The mulch also helps to keep the ground from eroding.


Terraces also help with slope erosion. Terraces can be formed with many different materials-from local rock to pavers to 4- by 4-inch posts. Dig into the slope, then outline the edges of the flat area with your chosen material. Continue moving up the slope, building as many terraces as you would like or as many as you need to fill up the slope.


Whether you have a stream on a slope in the backyard or not, you can build a waterfall using the gravity of the slope or a pump. If there is not a pond at the bottom of the slope, you can build a man-made pond. Create a "stream" from the top of the slope to the pond. Pump water to the top of the hill and into the "stream," so that it flows back into the pond. If there is a pool at the bottom of the slope, simply line the ground with black plastic, instead of letting the water run down the soil. Clean rocks can be placed in the "stream" to give the "stream" a waterfall effect.

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