Which Flowers Grow Best in Direct Sunlight?

There are many perennial and annual flowers that thrive in full sun without sacrificing their beauty and presence. In fact, many sun loving flowers are also drought tolerant and require less water than most other blooms. These unfussy flowers not only provide low maintenance gardening, but are also grown in a wide range of interesting colors, textures and heights for a colorful and vibrant addition to the garden.


Hollyhocks are a striking perennial flower with an upright, tall form. The hollyhock grows up to 60 inches tall to create a brilliant focal point among the landscape. These old fashioned favorites are able to reseed themselves to come back each season. Hollyhocks have bright flowers that grow along a spike in a wide range of colors including white, pink, purple, apricot and yellow. The large flower heads emerge in spring to last through the fall for a bright burst of color to the landscape. Hollyhocks prefer full, direct sunlight and dry to medium moisture in USDA hardiness zones 5 to 9.


Lantana is a perennial flower that prefers full sun to thrive. Beginning in summer, its lace-like flowers emerge to last until the first frost, making the lantana a long-lasting flower to grow. Lantana has bright bloom colors that are grown in pale pink, orange and yellow. The vibrant green leaves contrast with the blooms that attract butterflies. Lantana grows up to 3 feet tall and wide and is ideal nestled within a container or along a garden border. It prefers well-drained soils but is also drought tolerant, making for a hardy summer plant in USDA hardiness zones 8 to 10.


Zinnia is a colorful, bushy annual that loves direct sunlight and dry to medium moisture. The blossoms on the fast growing zinnia grow up to 2 inches wide and come in a wide range of colors including pink, orange, yellow, white and red. Zinnia blooms emerge in late spring and last into early fall for a long-lasting burst of color to the landscape The upright stems grow up to 3 feet tall and are ideal tucked along a perennial bed or hugging a garden path. Zinnia flowers are drought and deer tolerant and ideal in arid climates. They attract birds, butterflies and hummingbirds because of their bright, showy blooms. Zinnia's require well-drained, fertile soil to thrive. To ensure continuous blooming, periodically deadhead, or remove, the dead blossoms as soon as they are noticeable.

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