Tips on Growing Vegetables

As more people shift toward greener and more frugal living, many are starting vegetable gardens at home. Home gardening lets you provide healthy produce for your household at a fraction of the cost of market-bought food. There are a few tips and tricks a gardener can employ in order to have a successful vegetable garden.

Start Seeds Indoors

Home gardeners get a head start on planting for the season by starting seeds indoors. Seeds are planted into small containers or cups 6 to 10 weeks prior to the last frost of the season. By doing this, the gardener is able to plant seedlings that are several inches tall already when spring arrives.

Keep Soil Moist

All vegetables have a high water content. In order to develop vegetables, the plants need plenty of water. Allowing the soil to dry out causes stress to the plants, and will stunt growth and vegetable development.

Protect Your Garden

Examine your garden's surroundings, and put up proper defenses. If you have curious or digging pets, put up fences that will keep them out of your garden beds. Keep a spray bottle of insecticidal soap nearby to prevent and eliminate garden pests.

Support Tall and Climbing Vegetable Plants

Tall and climbing vegetable plants need to be staked early, so their growth is supported. A common mistake is waiting until the plant is already very tall or long before providing support. Early support eliminates stress on growth, and leads to better development.

Fertilize Regularly

Fertilize your vegetable garden regularly. Fertilizer supplies vegetable plants with nutrients and minerals that are essential for proper development. Plants will most likely produce vegetables without the use of fertilizer, but fertilizing crops helps to grow stronger plants and increase vegetable yields.

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