Gardening Edging Tools

After making the investment to plant a lawn or flower beds, it's nice to properly finish them and keep them tidy with a crisp edge. Garden edging tools allow homeowners to do just that. Gardeners have a number of options available and should choose a garden edging tool to suit specific needs and a budget.

Most-Powerful Gardening Edging Tools

A walk-behind powered edger provides the most precise edging results. Walk-behind powered edgers are available in gasoline or electric models. Gas-powered models cost more and require greater maintenance over their electric counterparts. Electric models, however, require access to an outlet and a cord to contend with while edging.

Least-Expensive Gardening Edging Tools

An edging iron can be successfully used to create a clean, sharp edge on a lawn. It does require manual labor to use, however. Spades and shovels are two other tools that can be used for edging that gardeners are likely to already have on hand. Although they require more muscle to use, the spade and shovel are two inexpensive options for edging in a garden. Ideally, they are best used in small areas.

Most-Common Gardening Edging Tools

Electric and gas-powered trimmers, most commonly known as string trimmers, provide homeowners with a good option for edging around the garden. Homeowners should consider that string trimmers require line to function which must constantly be replaced. String trimmers also lack wheels or guides, making it difficult to achieve a truly polished edge. A stick edger has the body of a string trimmer but has an edging head attached on the end. While it is a simple tool, it does require more skill to use than a walk-behind power edger. Some stick edgers come with interchangeable tools, allowing the user to switch between a string trimmer head and an edger head.

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