How to Grow Vinca Vines


Vinca vine is a flowering variegated plant with leaves in shades of green and white. The plant produces periwinkle, trumpet-shaped blossoms from early March to early fall. Vinca is native to Madagascar, and is currently found in most regions of North America. The vinca is very hardy, and grows well in every state in the United States. It does prefer warm weather, but it is also cold hardy from zones 2 through 11. The plant is drought-resistant and able to adapt to the surrounding climate, making it a "set it and forget it" favorite among home gardeners.

Step 1

Wait until 10 to 12 weeks prior to the last frost in your area. Plant vinca seeds in small seed starter pots. Plant two seeds per pot, just in case one of the seeds does not germinate.

Step 2

Cover the seed starter pots with black plastic. If you don't have sheets of black plastic, put the pots into black plastic bags. Vinca seeds need total darkness in order to germinate. The black plastic prevents light from reaching the seeds.

Step 3

Maintain a growing temperature of approximately 77 degrees F. If your home is too cold, place the pots on top of heating pads to keep the temperature up.

Step 4

Wait two weeks to allow the seeds to germinate. After two weeks, remove plastic from the starter pots. Place the starter pots in a sunny window, or underneath fluorescent grow lights. Provide approximately eight hours of sunlight or 16 hours of fluorescent light each day.

Step 5

Water the seedlings only when the potting soil feels dry to the touch. Vincas are drought-tolerant and do not like excessive moisture.

Step 6

Move the plants outdoors when the overnight temperatures are consistently 65 degrees F or warmer. Vinca vines do not climb, but do spread along the ground. They grow well directly in the ground, and are popular hanging basket plants because of their cascading habits.

Things You'll Need

  • Vinca seeds
  • Seed starter pots
  • Black plastic
  • Heating pad (optional)


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