How to Fertilize Meyer Lemon Trees


Meyer lemons are known as "valley lemons" in Texas, because they are plentiful in the Rio Grande Valley. A Meyer lemon is a hybrid between a true lemon and a mandarin orange. The result is a lemon that is less acidic and sweeter than a true lemon. The fruits are rounded with smooth, slightly dimpled skin. The Meyer lemon tree is popular among homeowners and gardeners because the tree is small and easy to care for.

Step 1

Use a liquid all-purpose fertilizer every other week, while you water. Use a balanced fertilizer that includes iron, zinc and manganese.

Step 2

Avoid using fertilizing stakes. Meyer lemon trees are small and compact. The "one size fits all" fertilizing stakes will over-fertilize the Meyer lemon tree and damage the root system.

Step 3

Use an acidic fertilizer with high nitrogen content (2-1-1) during the tree's growing season. Meyer lemon trees develop new growth in late winter and June through August. During these months, stop using the all-purpose fertilizer and use the 2-1-1 fertilizer. This will encourage the development of more lemons.

Things You'll Need

  • Extended release fertilizer
  • Liquid all-purpose fertilizer


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