How to Pick Sunflower Seeds


Sunflowers seeds come from full-grown sunflowers. The sunflower can grow to be more than 7 feet tall with a large flower with yellow petals and a brown center, which is where the sunflowers seeds are held. The plant must be allowed to grow to maturity before the plant will hold enough mature seeds for picking. After the flower is mature, you can pick the seeds and make roasted sunflower seeds or hold them for planting next year's crop.

Step 1

Pinch the tops of the sunflower when the plant is mature. This is after the growing season in the early part of spring when the flower head starts to wilt. Pinch off the head just under the flower, leaving about an inch of stem attached.

Step 2

Tie a string around the stem under the flower.

Step 3

Hang the flower heads in a dry and warm place such as a basement or garage. The flower head must hang with the flower facing downwards. Place a box under the flower head to catch any seeds that fall off early.

Step 4

Separate the seed from the flower head after the head is dry. The flower should only take about one to two weeks to completely dry. While head of the flower is still hanging upside down, gently rub your hand over the center part of the flower head. The seeds will fall out into the box below.

Step 5

Place the sunflower seeds in a container after each seed has completely dried after being harvested. It should only take a couple of days before the seed is dry and ready to be put in a container for next year's planting.

Things You'll Need

  • String
  • Cardboard box


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