How to Prevent Tomato Plant Wilt


Although tomatoes are one of the most popular home garden plants, they are susceptible to various diseases. One common tomato disease is "fusarium wilt" or "tomato wilt." Tomato wilt occurs when a fungus attacks the tomato plant.

Step 1

Purchase tomato plants with a capital "F" after the name of the tomato variety. These tomato varieties can still get tomato wilt, but it won't kill the plant and the plant will still produce tomatoes.

Step 2

Rotate your tomato growing area each year. Wait four years until you plant tomatoes in the same spot.

Step 3

Remove tomato plants completely in the fall when you are preparing your garden for winter.

Step 4

Remove all plant refuse over the winter. Do not use it as compost. Instead, discard it all. This will prevent spores and fungus from infecting the soil.

Things You'll Need

  • Fusarium-resistant tomato varieties
  • Garbage bag


  • Iowa State University: Tomato Diseases
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