How to Extract Sunflower Seeds From Flowers


Growing sunflowers is like growing a snack factory in your own backyard. That's one reason that makes sunflowers great plants for a child's first gardening endeavor. Another reason is that sunflowers grow quickly--from seed to harvest takes only three months. You will know it's getting close to harvest time when the flower begins to fade and the petals are falling.

Step 1

Place the paper bag over the flower head. This will protect the seeds from birds.

Step 2

Check the flower head periodically. When the seeds have turned from white to gray or black-striped, cut off the stem, 1 foot from the flower head.

Step 3

Hang the flower in a cool, dry place for one week, or until the seeds begin to fall from the flower.

Step 4

Rub the seeds out of the head, or rub two flower heads together and the seeds will fall out.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper bag


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