Jasmine Tree Care


Jasmine often grows as vines or bushes that produce very fragrant, white flowers often used as a flavoring in Chinese teas and cooking. Some jasmine can grow on a thick central leader similar to a trunk. You can prune these types of jasmine to look like a tree.


Your jasmine tree needs bright light, and at least six hours of sun when flowering. If you are growing your jasmine tree in a pot, move it gradually into full sun for the summer. By slowly moving the tree into the full sun, you will prevent sunburn and damage on the leaves. In the fall, begin slowly moving the tree out of the full sun to brightly lit full shade for the winter. Your plant will need four to five weeks of the complete absence of any light after sundown and 40 to 50 degree Fahrenheit temperatures during the winter.


Fertilize your jasmine tree every two to four weeks during the growing season according to the instructions on the packaging. Use a fertilizer balanced for flowers and flowering plants. 5-5-5 fertilizers usually work very well with jasmine. The exact amount will vary, depending on the brand and type of fertilizer. Do not fertilize your jasmine tree at all during the fall and winter.


Water your jasmine with an inch or two of water every two or three days during the summer. Outside of the growing season, water your jasmine tree every week with an inch or two of water. If you live in a climate that will support growing jasmine outdoors, add a couple inches of mulch on the plants to help the soil retain water.

Encouraging Growth

Pinch off the tips of your jasmine as it grows to cause the tree to fill out. When you pinch off the growth tips, two new branches will generally grow from the point where you have pinched off the growth. Once your jasmine starts to flower, stop pinching it back.


Prune your jasmine tree after it is finished flowering. If you are creating a ball shape, start from the bottom of the tree and prune upward. Remove twiggy or unbalanced growth, using a pair of sharp pruning shears. Be careful not to damage the main trunk of the tree when pruning and don't prune while the tree is flowering.

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