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Decorations such as bird baths, wind chimes and fountains add a touch of whimsy and eclectic style to your garden décor. These craft projects are easy, even for beginners. Look for the supplies you need to create these easy garden projects from yard sales and thrift stores as well as craft and home-improvement stores.

Planter Bird Bath

It's easy to make a decorative bird bath for the garden with terra cotta planters. Decorate two 12-inch diameter planters and a 16-inch diameter terra cotta saucer with mosaic tiles or acrylic paint. Glue the tiles to the planter with waterproof construction adhesive and use grout rated for exterior use. Stencils and templates are available at the craft store if you are not a gifted freehand artist. Make sure to seal the painted planters with polyurethane spray. When the outside of the planters and saucer are decorated, invert one of the planters and glue the base of the other to it with waterproof construction adhesive. Glue the saucer to the top as the reservoir for the birdbath.

Wind Chimes

Making wind chimes for your garden is another easy craft project. Gather old utensils, colorful beads, craft wire and fishing line to make an eclectic set of garden chimes. Thread beads over the wire and wrap it around the utensils. Make spirals and swirls with the wire, or whatever design suits your fancy. Forks and spoons are the simplest utensils to wrap and hang; the tines in the fork and the base of the spoon help grip the wire. Thread fishing line through the wire and tie it around a metal craft ring or a larger spoon or fork to hang the utensils.

Urn Fountain

One of the easiest ways to make a fountain for your garden is to use an urn. You'll need a submersible fountain pump and a fountain head extension to complete the project. Attach the extension to the pump, place it in the urn and fill it with water. You can drill a hole in the side of the urn, close to the top along the back so you can run the electrical or solar cord from the pump to the power source. If drilling a hole is too much trouble, run the cord over the side of the urn, but camouflage it with the same color paint.

Copper Garden Stakes

Another easy garden project is to make plant identification stakes from copper foil and copper tubing. Cut out any shape of copper foil that you like for the garden stakes. Emboss the plant names into the copper with a stylus or paint them with acrylics. Punch a hole in the top and thread a strip of 24-gauge copper wire as a hanger. Attach the copper wire to a hole drilled in the end of a strip of copper tubing. Insert the other end of the tubing into the ground.

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