How to Kill Pampass Grass


Pampas grass is a tall variety of perennial grass. This grass produces large plumes that sway in gentle breezes. Because it is an ornamental grass, many gardeners plant pampas grass to enhance the beauty and interest of their landscape designs. However, due to its invasive tendencies, pampas grass creates a problem for some farmers and landowners. Pampas grass that interferes with other plants often requires removal from the site.

Step 1

Remove the existing plumes of pampas grass during a season when the soil is very dry. Removing these plants from wet soil can cause extensive damage to the lawn or other nearby plants. Use a weed cutter to cut the plants close to the ground to create room to move about the area. Pampas grass grows back from roots left in the soil. Successfully eradicate pampas grass from your landscape by removing as many roots as possible.

Step 2

Loosen the soil at the base of the grass with a pick or sharp spade. These roots form a tight, impenetrable mat. Cut through the roots with your sharp spade and chip away with your pick, removing as much of the root system as possible. Dig out as many roots as possible and be prepared to spend some time on this process.

Step 3

Remove the dug roots from your yard. Avoid introducing pampas grass roots to other areas by getting rid of them or burning the entire pile of roots.

Step 4

Apply an herbicide containing glyphosate, such as Roundup, to the area. Apply the herbicide to the exposed roots according to the package instructions. The systemic action of glyphosate destroys the remaining roots. Watch for new growth after the application of the herbicide. Pampas grass often requires numerous applications before succumbing to the herbicide.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid using glyphosate herbicides near trees and other plants. This herbicide can damage desirable varieties of plants near the treated area.

Things You'll Need

  • Weed trimmer
  • Spade
  • Pick
  • Herbicide


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