How to Kill Asparagus Fern


While some gardeners enjoy the green foliage of asparagus fern in home landscapes, others do not appreciate the invasive tendencies of this plant. If asparagus fern is spreading at an alarming rate and you wish to remove it from your garden, remove it by trimming the foliage above the ground and then digging up the remaining crown and root system.

Step 1

Cut away all of the foliage growing above the soil with the gardening shears. Discard every piece of stem, leaf and berry into the garbage bag. Do not compost any part of the asparagus fern plant, because the plant may regrow in your compost.

Step 2

Dig up the crown and root of the asparagus fern with the shovel. Make sure you remove every piece of the plant from the soil and discard everything in the garbage bag.

Step 3

Monitor the area where the asparagus fern was growing after you dig it up. Immediately remove any regrowth you see by pulling it from the soil completely. Discard this growth in the garbage.

Step 4

Continue to watch for regrowth for several years after you remove the asparagus fern. Seeds can lay dormant for up to five years.

Things You'll Need

  • Gardening shears
  • Garbage bag
  • Shovel


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