How to Get Rid of Yard Fleas


While it seems as though fleas prefer to spend the bulk of their time on the warm skin of your pet, they can also live in the carpet of your home and even in your yard. In fact, many pet owners have found that fleas seem to spring up again on their pets even after treating the home and the pet--and this is probably because the pet is picking up the fleas outside. An effective flea treatment must include strategies to get rid of yard fleas as well as those on the pet and inside the home.

Step 1

Clean up the yard. Fleas like to hide in debris such as piles of leaves, wood or other decaying organic matter. Remove all debris fleas could be hiding in.

Step 2

Warm up the yard. Fleas do not live long when exposed to hot, dry conditions. Remove tall weeds, plants or anything else that may be shading your yard, and let the sun in.

Step 3

Observe your pet when outside, and take note of those areas of the yard your pet likes to frequent. Those areas are likely to have a high concentration of fleas. Spray those areas with an insecticide made to kill fleas and their larvae. Follow the label's instructions for use, and repeat the application every four to six weeks.

Step 4

Flood the yard. Wait a few days (between four and six days) for the insecticide to work, then flood the entire yard with water. This will rinse away many of the fleas, eggs and larvae even in those areas where you did not spray the insecticide. Re-apply the insecticide every four to six weeks throughout the warm season.

Step 5

Fix those areas of the yard where water may tend to collect. Fleas thrive in cool, moist soil and debris. If you have places where there is standing water, try to dry up the ground. If the water is collecting in a depression, use a shovel or garden rake to rearrange the soil until the ground is level and there is no longer a basin. Or, if the depression is too large to level off, fill it in with gravel. You can also work peat moss into the soil to help it drain better.

Things You'll Need

  • Rake or shovel
  • Gravel or peat moss (optional)
  • Insecticide
  • Garden hose


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