How to Tape and Wire Gerber Daisies


Gerber daisies come in an eye-catching array of colors that can enhance everything from casual arrangements to formal wedding bouquets. The vibrant range of pinks, oranges and yellows add stunning contrast and striking simplicity to any arrangement, at less cost than roses, lilies or other popular blooms. Florists add wire and tape to Gerber daisies to support heavier blooms that may droop. Wiring also helps control placement of a flower in the design of a bouquet or corsage.

Step 1

Cut the Gerber daisy stem to the length required for the project. When making floral arrangements, the entire stem can remain; for headpieces and hand-held wedding bouquets and corsages, remove all but 1 inch of stem.

Step 2

Cut a piece of floral wire twice the length of the remaining stem. Alternatively, you can leave wire uncut until you are ready to begin taping the daisy.

Step 3

Insert the floral wire into the calyx (green base above the stem) of the Gerber daisy, horizontal to the bloom. Hold the flower at the base of the calyx while inserting the wire to avoid crushing the petals. Push the wire through until there is an equal amount of wire on each side of the calyx, then cut the wire even with the bottom of the stem, if you did not previously cut it.

Step 4

Fold the wire down so it is parallel to the stem. Place floral tape just over the top of the wire, on the calyx, then begin wrapping the calyx and stem with tape. Wrap the tape evenly as you move down the stem, overlapping each pass to ensure total coverage of the stem and wire.

Tips and Warnings

  • Purchase some practice flowers to work on before starting your project in order to get comfortable with the process.

Things You'll Need

  • Fresh gerber daisies
  • Floral tape
  • Floral wire-18-gauge
  • Scissors or wire snips
  • Sharp knife


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