Care of Blue Daze Flowers


Evolvulus glomeratus, or blue daze, is a pleasant evergreen shrub that grows low to the ground. When mature, each plant will spread 2 to 3 feet and reach a height of 1 foot. And its pleasant blue flowers will bloom throughout the growing season. But blue daze cannot be grown anywhere. It is truly a tropical plant and fares best in USDA growing zones 8 to 11. Temperatures that remain lower than 40 degrees for a significant time may stunt or even kill the plant.

Step 1

Water your blue daze regularly during its first year of growth so that the soil remains moist. Once established, blue daze should only be watered when the top few inches of the soil dry out. In winter, when blue daze is not in bloom, water only during periods of drought.

Step 2

Spread 3 inches of organic mulch around the base (but at least 4 inches away from the stem) of your bush. This will cut down on weed growth and help blue daze survive light frost.

Step 3

Fertilize your blue daze lightly, once a month, during the growing season when it is producing flowers. Apply a 12-6-6 liquid fertilizer according to the manufacturer's recommended application rate for your blue daze's size.

Step 4

Deadhead spent blossoms. This will encourage the blue daze to continue blooming all season.

Things You'll Need

  • Fertilizer
  • Organic mulch


  • Floridata: Evolvulus Glomeratus
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